Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Swimming Sports

We all had a great time at the swimming sports this year. The year 3's did their swimming sports at school on March the 14th. All of the student's did a fantastic job and should be really proud of themselves. 

The year 4 student's competed in the Senior Swimming Sports at Okato Pools. This was their first time! It was a great day and they all persevered and had a lot of fun!
Even Miss Farrant and Kath got wet, when they raced the year 7 and 8 students in the teachers vs students relay!

Buddy Writing

As a part of our writing program, we have been doing buddy writing. This is a lot of fun because it means you have a buddy to come up with ideas with. The buddies both have to take turns writing and helping each other.
We all wrote a story with the sentence starter: "As  I walked through the forest I heard a noise behind me..."

We were focusing not only on the writing skills, but also the skills to work together with others by taking turns and negotiating ideas.

Come and have a look in our writing books to read our stories.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Snowflake the bunny

Today Oralee brought her bunny called Snowflake into the class. Oralee said she named her Snowflake because she is really bright white. Snowflake is so fluffy and cuddly. She is so cute and when Oralee brought her she nibbled on her carrot. When she came, she in a cute little cage it had her name on it.We had to close all the doors because the whole class got to pat her but if we didn’t close the door Snowflake could run away and that would be terrible. In snowflakes cage she got to eat carrots and lettuce.  She looked really happy eating her food. Oralee was so kind to bring snowflake into Room Kauri.

By Shayla

Writing down in the Enviro-Centre

The Enviro-Centre
One day Room Kauri went down to the Enviro-Centre. We went down there to look,hear,smell,feel and think.We were doing all those things because we were getting ideas for a poem.It was hard because bugs were hopping on us and  were distracting us while we were working.
We put all our ideas together and now we have tons of different ideas for our poems.It is really fun working down at the Envirocentre. I wish we could go down again to work.
By Miller